GCSE Psychology

Course Description


GCSE Psychology will allow students to develop an understanding of human behaviour in the areas of Memory, Development, Perception, Social Influence, Psychopathology and Biopsychology.

Students will develop and understanding of the various research methods used in Psychology and be given the opportunity to design their own psychological research during the course. The course does require elements of GCSE Maths and GCSE Biology but no prerequisite learning is required.


Course Content


The course is split into a number of topics that enable students to learn Psychology in the context of everyday life. Each topic is assessed using a range of multiple-choice and short essay questions.




Two exams at the end of the course each worth 50% of the overall GCSE and lasting 105 minutes.


Future Opportunities


For those students who are interested in a future working in health/social services such as doctor/nurse, social worker or teacher.


GCSE Psychology is classified as a science and will be accepted by sixth forms as a science subject for those who are interested in studying a science at A level.


HFCS offers Psychology as an A level, which involves two residential trips; one to London and one to Krakow. The GCSE course has been designed as a foundation course to the A level.


Further Information


As part of the assessment objectives for the course, students will be tested on their Quality of Written Communication and ability to analyse data using measures of central tendency.