GCSE Health and Social Care

Course Description


The GCSE Health and Social Care:

Actively engages students in the processes of Health and Social Care to help them develop as effective and independent learners.

Encourages students to understand aspects of personal development and the health, social care and early-years sectors through investigation and evaluation of a range of services and organisations.

Develops a critical and analytical approach to problem-solving within the health, social-care and early-years sectors.

Examines issues which affect the nature and quality of human life including an appreciation of diversity and cultural issues.

Course Content


Human growth and development

Factors that affect growth and development

Effects of relationships on personal development


The effects of life events on personal development

Candidates should understand how services are designed to meet the health, developmental, and social care needs of major client groups. They should understand that services are shaped to meet the needs of individual users. The major client groups are:

  • Infancy (0 – 3) years
  • Childhood (4 – 10) years
  • Adolescence (11–18) years
  • Adulthood (19 – 65) years
  • Later adulthood (65 +) years
  • Disabled people



Unit 1: Understanding Personal Development and Relationships (48201)

Written Paper – 1 hour 15 mins – 70 marks – 40%

Stages of physical growth and intellectual/social/emotional development

External examination.



Unit 2: Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision (48202)

Controlled internal assessment – 20 hours – 80 marks – 60%

Needs of client groups, access and barriers to provision, work roles

School based project.


Future Opportunities


AQA GCSE Health and Social Care provides a useful platform of learning for any of the following options:


Training leading to employment;

AQA GCE Health and Social Care;

Higher education.


Further Information


Please speak to Mr Campana or Miss Hynds if you require any further information regarding this course