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A contemporary education rooted in traditional Gospel values where we believe that Christ is at the heart of all of our endeavours inspiring us to excellence.


Headteacher’s Welcome

The Holy Family Catholic School is a Catholic 11-18 High School (NOR 928, including 141 in 6th Form), which serves the Parishes and communities in and around the districts of Keighley, Haworth, and Skipton.

Our school is based on three basic principles:


  • Awakening our minds

Our Faith is central to all that we do at the Holy Family School. The teachings of Christ sit at the heart of our ethos and provide a basis for all aspects of our daily life. We believe this strong foundation helps us to strive for excellence in every task, as well as fostering compassion, moral responsibility and a sense of justice.

  • Achieving dreams

Our Work combines world class teaching, independent learning and strong pastoral care. Our school is safe, disciplined, stimulating and contemporary. Our approach allows students to have increased opportunities gaining a real sense of fun, joy and fulfilment.

  • Serving others

Our Spirit allows our young people to play an active and effective role in society. Our students are concerned for their fellow man and are prepared for today’s world.

I am very proud of the strong bonds of trust between parents, students and staff to support our vision, helping young people use their actions to reveal the truth about God, Christ and Spirit.

Mr hings

Martin Hings


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"Behaviour is good and those pupils who find the high expectations at the school challenging are well and effectively supported by committed and knowledgeable staff". (Ofsted 2017)

"Leaders and governors have worked very effectively to create a coherent and mutually respectful school community. Pupils are happy and proud of their school and the way it supports them". (Ofsted 2017)

"Relationships between staff and pupils and students are good. Pupils are enthusiastic and eager to learn. This is particularly the case when they are infected by the high expectations and love of learning of their teachers and they are given opportunities to reflect on their learning". (Ofsted 2017)

"The curriculum at the school is broad, balanced and interesting. It is underpinned by a clearly articulated set of values that are rooted in tolerance, kindness and high aspiration". (Ofsted 2017)

"Pupils say that they feel safe and are confident that, if they had any difficulties, they would be promptly and effectively dealt with by adults at the school". (Ofsted 2017)

"Pupils reported that bullying is very rare and that they understand the range of forms that bullying can take, including online bullying. Pupils told inspectors that they were confident that, should incidents of bullying occur, they would be dealt with promptly and effectively by staff at the school". (Ofsted 2017)

 " The Holy Family is a happy, friendly school where behaviour is good and all students achieve well both academically and personally, regardless of their starting points or needs " Ofsted (2012)

" A strong Catholic ethos of respect, praise and a good quality curriculum provide thought-provoking experiences both in school and overseas ensuring that the students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding " Ofsted (2012)

" The determination of the headteacher, senior leaders and governors in their drive for improvement ensures that teaching is now good and that all students achieve well " Ofsted (2012)

The Holy Family Catholic School

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